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Replace your JSP with a modern, design friendly template engine.

This short course is equivalent to a full day's live training

  • Thymeleaf is a great templating engine which you can easily use in any SpringMVC or Spring Boot application. Join Matt Greencroft as he shows you:
  • How Thymeleaf allows you to seamlessly work with Web Designers
  • How to integrate your code into standard HTML/XHTML without breaking the design
  • How to manage forms, validation and error handling
  • How to convert a legacy JSP project to Thymeleaf
You will need some experience in either SpringMVC or Spring Boot to do this course.


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Introduction 12m 6s

Getting started and how to add Thymeleaf as a Maven Dependency.


Getting Started 18m 36s

Writing your first basic Thymeleaf template.


Attributes 31m 5s

Using basic Thymeleaf attributes, such as dynamic text replacement.


Loops, Conditions and Links 32m 20s

Dynamic repeating data, such as tables and lists. Also, how to use conditions and links.


Building Pages 26m 21s

Building pages uses fragments and how to link to resources such as stylesheets.


Working with Forms 45m 10s

How to build a form, with validation and re-presentation


Thymeleaf and SpringMVC 49m 26s

How to use Thymeleaf in a traditional SpringMVC application - and how to mix with legacy JSPs.

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