Spring JavaConfig

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Spring JavaConfig

Get rid of your XML. With MVC, Security and OAuth.

Equivalent to a full day's live training.

  • By popular demand! How to use JavaConfig instead of XML in your Spring Applications.
  • The course covers the basics of JavaConfig, suitable for all Spring Applications.
  • How to use "Configurers" for MVC, Security and OAuth applications.


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The Basics 46m 49s

How JavaConfig works, the @Configuration, @Bean and @Import tags.


The Business Tier 47m 35s

We now start work on a full stack Java Application, starting with the business tiers. We learn about the @Profile annotation, and how it allows for dynamic wiring.


The Web Tier 66m 15s

How to work with Spring MVC and JavaConfig. This chapter introduces the important concept of "configurers".


Spring Security and OAuth 47m 34s

How to use the Configurers for Spring Security and OAuth. The WebSecurityConfigurerAdapter, AuthorizationServerConfigurerAdapter and ResourceServerConfigurerAdapter.

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