Spring Boot

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Spring Boot

Spring Boot 2.x

featuring Spring Data JPA, Security, MVC and REST

The course is 2.5 hours long and is roughly equivalent to a full day's live training

  • How to use Spring Boot to speed up the initialization of your development, and how to increase productivity (dramatically).
  • We build a full website using SpringMVC, Spring Data JPA and Spring Security.
  • A follow on module is available showing how to send and receive messages, plus how to build microservices using Spring Boot.
  • Part of our Spring Training series.
The course will be working with Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring Security and Spring REST. We will be assuming you are familiar with these topics, the course will focus on applying these concepts within Boot. Spring Boot depends upon Maven or Gradle, so we will expect that you are familiar with at least Maven, and that you are able to use it from Eclipse (with the plugin).


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Introduction 7m 18s

What is Spring Boot? What's in the course? Richard also explains the plans for the "advanced" module in the series, which will cover JMS, Integration Testing, the Actuator, Cloud Deployment and lots more.


Getting Started 23m 59s

Initializing your first project (with Initializr), and mounting the project in Eclipse.


Controllers and Views 26m 32s

If you know Spring-MVC, then slotting in a controller/view combination is quite easy. There are a few traps - we'll help you avoid them.


JPA and Spring Data 38m 51s

How to switch on JPA, then how to generate a DAO using Spring Data. We also show the H2 Console from the developer tools.


Auto Restarts 11m 0s

How to automatically restart your application when changes are made. Fast and efficient, we can even get the browser to Auto Reload!


Spring Security 20m 9s

If you know how to JavaConfig a Spring Security set up, Boot makes life easy. We also take some time to show how profiles can be used to disable Security in development mode.


REST Webservices 38m 51s

How to write a regular SpringMVC REST Controller.

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