JavaEE and Wildfly Module 4: JSF

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JavaEE and Wildfly Module 4: JSF

build stateful web applications with PrimeFaces

This course is 4 hours long and should take around 2 days to complete

  • How to use Java Server Faces (JSF) to build component based web applications.
  • Includes third party component libraries and PrimeFaces.
This module is part of our WildFly series of courses.


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Introduction 23m 9s

An overview of JSF


Getting Started 38m 38s

Writing your first basic applicaiton, and how backing beans work.


JSF Behaviour 26m 27s

How to add behaviour to JSF components such as buttons and links.


JSF Components 42m 24s

Using the built in components such as datatables.


GETs POSTs and REDIRECTs 32m 21s

Making bookmarkable and browser friendly links is tricky in JSF - here we look at a strategy for doing so.


Third Party Components 19m 21s

We use PrimeFaces to add a more functional data table.


Building an Application 35m 14s

Some miscellaneous concepts you might find useful when building an application


JSF vs MVC 13m 35s

Another comparison of JSF against traditional MVC frameworks. What exactly should you be adding to backing bean? We'll see it is not for "business logic".

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