JavaEE and WildFly Module 2: Webservices

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JavaEE and WildFly Module 2: Webservices

with SOAP and REST

equivalent to 3 days of live training.

  • This second module covers remoting and webservices in JavaEE.
  • We start with SOAP, and then move on to REST.
  • Full coverage of REST webservices, including HATEOAS!
You will need to be familiar with the basics of EJBs and JavaEE - for this you can study module 1 in this series.


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Introduction 19m 58s

If you haven't studied module 1, then we show how to setup your workspace.


SOAP Introduction 44m 50s

The basics of SOAP and how to export an EJB to a SOAP endpoint.


SOAP Clients 28m 22s

How to call a SOAP endpoint in Java, using wsimport.


HTTP Verbs 25m 34s

This is a warmup for the REST section of the course. You don't need to watch this if you already know GET, POST, PUT and DELETE - and the reasons why you would use each.


REST Representations and URIs 18m 2s

The first two major aspects of REST


REST Services 25m 36s

Coding a REST service in JavaEE and Wildfly


REST Clients 37m 27s

Using REST-Easy to call the service.


Content Negotiation 20m 22s

How to support multiple content formats.


Error Handling 30m 32s

Correct use of HTTP Status codes.


Parameters 31m 40s

How to pass parameters in a "RESTful" way.


HTTP Operations 36m 5s

How to correctly implement PUT and DELETE.


HATEOAS 44m 0s

The final major principle in REST - it's not often applied and we talk about why this is.

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