Introduction to Helm

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Introduction to Helm

A four hour mini course on the Helm Package Manager

The course lasts for four hours and can be completed in a single day

  • In this introduction to Helm, you'll learn about the power of Helm and what it can do for your Kubernetes projects:
  • Find and install Helm charts
  • Customise existing charts
  • Avoid Snowflake clusters
  • Write your own Helm charts using Go
  • Work with and understand the inner workings of professional Helm charts
Some basic knowledge of Kubernetes is needed - if you know about pods, deployments and services and can use kubectl, you'll be able to follow this course


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Introducing Helm

Welcome 1m 53s Preview
Introducing Helm 9m 21s Preview
Installing a Helm Chart 14m 37s Watch
Finding Helm Charts 10m 48s Watch
Installing a Monitoring Stack with Helm 14m 1s Watch
Working with Chart Values 16m 14s Watch
Customising values.yaml 16m 0s Watch
Avoding Snowflake Clusters! 11m 56s Watch
Helm Pull 16m 51s Watch
Generating target yaml with Helm Template 7m 24s Watch
Why would you write your own Helm Charts? 10m 6s Watch
Writing Go Templates for Helm 26m 52s Watch
Helm Functions and Pipelines 14m 19s Watch
Flow Control in a Helm Template 12m 21s Watch
Named Templates (subtemplates, partials) 21m 35s Watch
Inspecting a "Professional" Helm Chart 24m 40s Watch
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