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Introduction to Android

Module 1 - Building an App.
  • Get started quickly with Android. Starting with installing the IDE (Android Studio) and configuring Emulators, you'll be building a small but functional App using GUI Views, Activities and Intents.
  • We'll be showing you how to design for different tablets and phones. Also, we'll be deploying the App to a real Android device.
  • This is Module 1 of a series, in Module 2 we expand the App and go into more depth.


A good working knowledge of standard Java is needed.

Contents - Equivalent to 2 days live training.


Having problems? check the errata for this course.



24m 32s
Installing the IDE (we'll be using Android Studio); how to set up the Emulators for Phones and Tablets.


Your First App

27m 16s
Our "Hello World" App will be a simple layout.

Errata for chapter 2

11m 44s
Since we recorded this course Android have made some changes to the default layout, and there's a small bug in the current version of Android Studio - this short additional video covers those changes.


Project Resources and Internationalization (i18n)

13m 38s
How to manage multiple resource bundles, how to switch them based on the user's locale.


UI Widgets and Events

29m 16s
How to respond to events such as button clicks.


UI Design

48m 48s
We now begin with a more realistic App (a Quiz). We look at how to design for multiple form-factors, Tablets and Phones.


Navigation and Intents

51m 43s
Using Intents to move from one Activity to another. We start with "Explicit" Intents.


Passing Data and Implicit Intents

28m 19s
We now complete the application, and enable a "share to social media" function.


Deployment to a live Device

11m 29s
If you have an Android device to hand, you can now deploy to that device.

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