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Going Further with Kubernetes

with Continuous Deployment
  • This is a major course to cover the topics we missed on the first two modules of the course.
  • You can do the sections of the course in any order, and most of the videos use minikube.
  • Resource Management
  • Horizontal Pod Autoscaling
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Other workload types (DaemonSets, StatefulSets, etc)
  • Ingress Control
  • ConfigMaps
  • Integrating with CI/CD


We'll assume you're already familiar with Kubernetes! We'll be using minikube for most of the course. Some sections will use AWS but this isn't critical.

Contents - The course is around 10 hours, but you can do the sections in any order.


Having problems? check the errata for this course.

Course Introduction


2m 40s

Requests and Limits

Memory requests

20m 40s

CPU Requests

7m 5s

Memory and CPU Limits

14m 49s


Enabling the Metrics Server

14m 25s

Viewing Metrics on the Dashboard

16m 42s

Tuning Java / Boot Applications, Heap restriction

22m 52s

Setting reasonable Requests

7m 42s

Horizontal Pod Autoscaling

Introducing Replication and Autoscaling

30m 59s

Testing Autoscaling

7m 29s

Readiness and Liveness Probes

Demo: why readiness probes are needed

12m 1s

Applying Liveness and Readiness Probes

8m 56s

Quality of Service and Eviction

Understanding the scheduler

15m 37s

QoS labels

4m 58s


12m 3s

Pod Priorities

12m 40s


Defining Roles

16m 53s

Defining RoleBindings

8m 49s

Setting up a "context" for the user

15m 53s

Issuing a Kubernetes signed X.509 certificate

24m 26s

Installing the user's certificate

5m 12s

Allocating Access to Users

11m 53s

ClusterRoles and ClusterRoleBindings

13m 2s

ConfigMaps and Secrets

Creating a ConfigMap

7m 33s

Consuming a ConfigMap as Environment Variables

5m 29s

Do changes to a ConfigMap get propagated?

6m 37s

How to consume multiple envioronments variables with envFrom

3m 32s

Mounting ConfigMaps as Volumes

9m 17s

Creating Secrets

8m 11s

Using Secrets

8m 6s

Where have we already used ConfigMaps and Secrets?

9m 39s

Ingress Controllers

Introducing Ingress

12m 7s

Defining Routing Rules

15m 20s

Adding Routes

4m 4s


15m 11s

Running Ingress on AWS

14m 6s

Tesing the Ingress Rules

8m 57s

Other Workload Types

Batch Jobs

22m 26s

Cron Jobs

9m 24s


6m 24s

StatefulSets overview

22m 21s

StatefulSets for Database Replication

9m 57s

Demo: Scaling out a Mongo Database

21m 38s

Continuous Deployment

Introducing CI/CD

11m 12s

Establishing a GitHub organization

10m 44s

Setting up a Basic Jenkins System

15m 7s

Defining a Pipeline

18m 10s

Running a Multibranch Pipeline

5m 18s

Reviewing Builds

10m 20s

Organization Pipelines

9m 32s

Continuous Deployment into a Cluster

16m 17s

Course Summary

Course Summary

1m 54s

Let the Course Come to You

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