Docker Module 2 for Java Developers

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Docker Module 2 for Java Developers

Production grade Docker with Swarm

Equivalent to a three day course

  • This course moves your Docker skills to production grade, with multi container deployments to real hardware.
  • Networking
  • Volumes
  • Integration with Maven
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Swarm
  • Docker Stacks
  • Deploying to EC2
  • (there will be a short module covering ECS in the future).
you'll need to know the basic Docker commands and workflow - module 1 of the course is a great way to prepare.


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Introduction 2m 47s

An overview of the course


Docker Networking 51m 9s

Docker's networking support enables you to develop your system as separate containers, all connected together via a virtual private network. It's simple and elegant.


Volumes 25m 0s

When you need to store data permanently, you'll need volumes and mount points.


Docker and Maven 37m 52s

How to run an image build and push from Maven, using the Fabric8 Docker Maven Plugin (DMP).


Docker Compose 38m 57s

You don't want to be starting up endless containers just to run a system. Docker compose will co-ordinate multiple containers from a single file.


Swarm 28m 41s

This is the core of the course - how to distribute your containers across multiple physical hardware instances.


Stacks 49m 21s

Production grade compose files to deploy across swarms. Also how to enact a "rolling update".


Deploying to EC2 45m 4s

How to deploy to EC2 instances - we finally run the full microservice architecture that we built on other courses.


Service Discovery 24m 8s

Because Docker features its own DNS based discovery service, you may not need other service registries such as Netflix/Spring Cloud Eureka. We show how to remove Eureka and demonstrate that everything still works well, including Ribbon load balancing and Hystrix Circuit Breakers.


Summary 4m 2s

A summary of the course and a few words on ECS (EC2 Container Service).

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