Cloud Deployment with AWS

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Cloud Deployment with AWS

featuring AWS, EC2, RDS, Elastic IP and Apache

Equivalent to a day's live training. Expect to take 3-4 to complete.

  • How to deploy your Java Applications to live server hardware.
  • You will be creating, managing and maintaining a live server using Amazon EC2.
  • You will be running a live database using Amazon RDS.
  • And we will be exploring some architecture topics, such as how to use Apache AND Tomcat for a flexible solution.
  • WARNING - you must follow the steps in the final chapter, or Amazon will charge you once the free tier expires.
No previous experience of AWS is necessary. We will be performing some Linux system administration, but all steps are explained.

We will be doing some building of Java applications, and some knowledge of Java is assumed, but most of the course is applicable to non-Java applications as well.


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Getting started with AWS 19m 9s

An overview of the features of Amazon Web Services. Warning - if you do the exercises on this course, you MUST do the cleanup operations in the final chapter, or you will incur AWS charges in a year's time.


Virtual Machine Instances with EC2 67m 10s

Running your first virtual server, installing Tomcat and deploying your WAR.


Databases with RDS 35m 3s

Running a MySQL Instance in the cloud and connecting your web application to it.


Tuning the Server and Elastic IP Addresses 19m 17s

Ensuring your application survives restarts; setting a permanent IP address; using a Root web application.


Apache ReverseProxies 22m 7s

It is a common deployment pattern to use both Tomcat AND a standard Http Server such as Apache. This chapter explains the benefits, one of which is we can easily run on the standard port 80.


Elastic Instances and Cleanup 18m 0s

This is our first look at the elastic nature of AWS - if there's enough interest, future modules will explore this in a lot more detail! We will also cleanup the resources used. YOU MUST DO THIS or you will be charged by Amazon every month (possibly after the first year of free tier expires)

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