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Angular Module 4: Connecting to a REST back end

Become a full-stack developer building front-ends with Angular
  • This is part 4 of 5 modules which cover building Angular front ends for Java applications.
  • Become a full-stack developer by learning how to build responsive and reactive front-ends with Angular.
  • In this fourth module, we'll connect to a back-end system using REST, learn how to deal with slow and unavailable connections and deal with issues such as CORS, pre-processing data and pre-fectching data.


Basic Java knowlege is assumed. No prior Javascript / Typescript knowlege is needed. You should complete the earlier modules of this course before starting this module.

Contents - Approx. 3.5 hours


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Setting up environments

Creating environment variables

7m 9s

How environments work

2m 18s

Creating our own environments

10m 49s

Selecting an environment to serve

4m 29s

Creating the REST API

Creating a rest method

7m 0s

Testing rest methods

2m 54s

Exercise 1 - creating rest methods

1m 30s

Exercise 1 - solution walkthrough

7m 59s

Adjusting the User object

8m 26s

Connecting to a REST endpoint

Initiating the call to a rest endpoint

8m 46s

Cross Original Resource Sharing (CORS)

4m 48s

Configuring CORS in Spring

6m 14s

Manipulating the REST return data type

7m 18s

Pre-processing the REST return data

4m 58s

Optional calling a rest endpoint exercise

1m 6s

Pre-processing complex data

8m 9s

Dealing with slow and unavailable connectons

Dealing with slow REST responses

4m 42s

Catching REST errors

3m 21s

Investigating REST errors

5m 20s

Retrying when an error occurs

5m 36s

Surviving a page refresh

3m 43s

Exercise 2 - Dealing with slow and unavailble connections

0m 54s

Exercise 2 - Solution walkthrough

2m 47s

POSTing and PUTting data

Sending data via REST

10m 5s

Customising data with Javascript objects

4m 53s

Exercise 3 - Post and putting data

1m 41s

Exercise 3 - Solution walkthrough

12m 23s

Bug fixing

3m 18s

DELETEing data and completing the case study

Implementing DELETE

5m 22s

Completing the users component

7m 3s

Exercise 4 - Implementing REST from Angular

1m 37s

Exercise 4 - Solution walkthrough

12m 27s

Getting a confirmation before deleting

2m 0s

Pre-fecthing data

Setting up the edit booking functionality

6m 27s

The concept of pre-fectching data

3m 40s

Pre-fectching data with navigation and a service

14m 54s

Using a resolver

11m 21s

Module summary

0m 57s

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