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Experian® Decision Analytics (DA) integrates predictive data and analytics into valuable business decisions that provide greater insight into decision performance and helps companies keep pace with changing business priorities. This is done by applying expert consulting, analytical tools, software and systems to convert data into valuable business decisions.

It is Experian’s Global Software Group, with teams around the world, who are tasked with building and supporting the products that are critical to this area of the business. Their expertise spans a variety of industries and provides software to some of the world’s largest finance, telcos and other blue-chip companies. The crown jewel in their software suite is PowerCurve which provides best-in-class decisioning, applied across the whole customer life-cycle from acquisition to in-life and collections.

In 2016 Ben Espin, Development Manager and head of the UK Team, identified a need to increase the company’s global knowledge base in Groovy. As a relatively niche product, Groovy was not an area that most developers had been trained in. After conducting a thorough investigation of the courses available, Experian chose those offered by Virtual Pair Programmers. Ben explained that this was not only due to the quality of the training but also "the price and the flexible approach of the company. We would definitely come back for further courses if there was a technology that we needed to address within the business."

Having started with one course from the library of 29, Ben explains that "the benefits of the course included the fact that the same training could be given globally to all relevant team members which ensured a continuity of approach. As we have purchased site licences for the materials, candidates in each business unit are able to work through the course or individual chapters whenever and wherever they want to." Since then, Experian have increased their library of courses and the "flexibility of Virtual Pair Programmers has meant that we can buy courses for individuals or for all developers and testers".

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