Errata for Spring MVC and WebFlow

Here are all known errors or updates since the course was recorded.

  • This is one of our oldest courses, and whilst the material is all still valid, the Tomcat supplied is quite old and is incompatible with Java 8. We recommend you either use Java 7 for the coursework OR download the latest version of Tomcat. Replace the existing tomcat folder with the new one, and run your new Tomcat with the startup.bat (Windows) or (Linux) script in the bin directory. Please contact us if you have any problems.
  • Early editions of the course had an incorrect configuration in the web.xml. This is now corrected and can be downloaded from the "Practicals and Code" folder.
  • Some users have reported having problems importing their projects into Eclipse. See the blog post here
  • for an easy way to import.
  • Some users are experiencing problems with Tomcat after upgrading to Java 7. See the blog post listed here for more details.
  • The JavaScript in Chapter 11 (Ajax) doesn't work on most browsers (although it did work on the version we used for the recording). You need to add a closing script tag at the end of line 3 of looseSearch.jsp. [so the line will read <script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-1.4.2.min.js" > </script>]
  • In chapter 6, we forward to a page called book-added.jsp, but we don't show the contents of this file. You can find this file in your Chapter Workspaces folder, under Chapter 6.
  • In chapter 3, when creating the new class, the "control" package doesn't exist on the video, but it is in your starting workspace. It doesn't cause a problem, you will just be adding a new class to this package.