Errata for Spring Remoting and Webservices

Here are all known errors or updates since the course was recorded.

  • In Chapter 7, you might not see a webpage when you visit http://localhost:8080/any/name/you/like/employeeservice or
  • http://localhost:8080/any/name/you/like/employeeservice. This is because the webservice implementation in the JDK has removed the page (probably for security reasons). It's not a problem, you can visit the wsdl directly by adding ?wsdl to the end of the URL. The webservice clients are not affected.
  • There is a typo in the data.json file that we supply to add a Call. See here for the details.
  • In Chapter 10, when running a Spring-WS system under Tomcat, the location of the database needs to change. In your application.xml, change "datasource-production.xml" to "datasource-webapp.xml".