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WTP Plugins for Eclipse

How to use Tomcat inside Eclipse. A free one hour module!
  • This short module (2 chapters of 30 minutes each) show how to use the WTP Plugins for Eclipse. The Plugins give a set of tools to make web development easier.
  • Our "Java Web Development" and "Spring MVC " courses both use a simple Ant script for deployment, meaning they can be followed on any IDE (development environment).
  • However, many professional projects will use the WTP Plugin for Eclipse to automate tasks such as running a server and deploying.
  • This course shows how you can use the plugins to quickly deploy to running servers.


This course is suitable for anyone using Eclipse for Java Web Development.

Contents - The module lasts for an hour.


Having problems? check the errata for this course.


Getting Started

31m 2s
We begin by installing the WTP Tools for Eclipse. Then we explore the basic features, including how to integrate with the Tomcat Server.


Hot Deployment

38m 22s
We now go further with WTP, and get Hot Deployment working. This saves a lot of development time. We will also convert an existing project to work under WTP.

Let the Course Come to You

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